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The GSSL will organize a MEN Summer League during the Summer of each year, geared towards those teams that have a number of college players as well as all other players that wish to maintain their skills during the Summer in preparation of the Fall/Spring League.

The Garden State Soccer League shall operate a MEN OPEN Summer League.

This division has NO AGE Restrictions.

Depending on the number of entries, one or more geographic subgroups may be created.

All Summer League Divisions are organized and operated as a Summer Competition in the form of a league competition during the months of June and July and August. Games are played on Sunday mornings or late afternoons depending on the home team field availability

Each team in encouraged to provide for its own home field.

The per team FEE to participate to any of the 2020 Summer Programs is $400.00 PLUS Player Registration fees PLUS referee fees at each game played.

The $500 Program Participation Fee includes the following benefits:

1)      $65.00 affiliation fee to the NJSA (the Summer League is considered a recreation league)

2)      $35.00 for Program Administrative costs

3)      $300.00 as a Performance Bond (refundable at the end of the season after any fines are taken out)

All Summer League activities (Schedules, Results, Player registrations, etc…) are done from the SUMMER LEAGUE tab that is located on the GSSLSOCCER.COM website.

Team Registration is now open:




Once a team registers and pays the entry fee, Instructions will be sent regarding Team officers and Player registrations.

The Performance Bond in the amount of $300 is used to defray any fine or expense issued against the team.  The balance of such performance bond is returned at the end of the season.

  • Each player must be PROPERLY registered, and there will be a charge of $20.00 per PLAYER (both Youth and Adult) to cover insurance costs and USSF fees for each player.
  • Any currently NJSA registered ADULT player, will NOT be charged any registration fee upon validation from the NJSA State Registrar.
  • Player registration fees are due at the moment of registration.

Team Fines are

  • A fine of $3.00 shall be issued for EACH YELLOW CARD
  • A fine of $15.00 shall be issued for EACH RED CARD
  • A fine of $50.00 shall be issued for EACH FORFEIT GAME
  • Teams that does not show up for a game shall be charged the FULL REFEREE FEES for the game in addition to the forfeit fine.

Any SUSPENSIONS shall be applied to the next Summer League game(s).

  • The 2020 season shall be played as a Regular championship league.
  • Depending on the number of participating teams, one or two groups of teams may be formed.
  • If there are sufficient entries to separate the U20, U23, and Open age, subgroups for each divisions may be formed based on geography.  If there not sufficient entries in one age group, then teams will be given the opportunity to play at a higher age level. The league director has the final say over which divisions are formed, and how teams are assigned to them.
  • Teams will play each other once within each division.
  • Home teams determine the game time for their home games. Because of Temperature considerations during the Summer, the preferred match time should be 6pm. Upon agreement, two teams can schedule their game for a weeknight.
  • If there is more than one group within a Division, then a Playoff  Final shall be played between the top finishing teams of each group.
  • The 2020 Summer League Calendar indicates all pertinent dates pertaining to this competition.

Game Times and Locations:

  • League play will start on July 12, 2020 and will conclude on August 9th, 2020. If necessary to have a Championship Playoff game, then this game shall be played on August 16.
  • If there are at least 2 entries, the NJ State Cup Tournaments for U20 and/or U23 teams will be played on Sunday July 26, 2020


  • Standings will be kept during the League format competition to determine the final position of the teams.
  • Weekly standings in each Division will be determined as follows:

a)      Total Points obtained in all played matches within the division.

b)      Head-to-Head games among teams involved.

c)      Goal Difference in all played matches in the regular season

d)     Higher Number of Goals Scored in all played matches in the regular season


·         Every attempt will be made to provide for one Official and two Assistants for each game.

·         Referee Fees will be equally divided between the two competing teams.

·         Referees are paid at the END of each game.

·         Regular Game Fees are:  $80.00 Referee, $55.00 each Assistant Referee for all  AGE DIVISION games

Player Registration and Passes:

  • ALL players MUST be registered ONLINE for a Summer Team, EVEN IF THEY WERE ALREADY REGISTERED for another team during the current season.
  • After registration, a player must get APPROVED by the Summer League in order to become eligible to play. Approval is reflected in the fact that the player’s name is listed in the Summer Team Game line-up.
  • Instructions and requirements to get the final APPROVAL will be distributed to the participating teams upon Registration.
  • NO PLAYER PASSES are issued for the Summer League teams.
  • ALL players participating in the Regional and Nationals Cups must have NJSA issued passes.  Youth Passes will not be accepted.  These player passes may be requested for no additional charge.
  • PLAYER IDENTIFICATION at each game shall be enforced by the use of an APPROVED GAME LINE-UP and by each player presenting his/her Driver’s license (or other picture identification document).
  • Summer Team Managers will give instructions how to obtain the Game Line-ups containing the list of officially approved players that are eligible to play in the game.
  • This Game Line-up roster will be given to the referee prior to the match.  Players must present themselves with a valid government issued photo ID and the referee will verify them on the roster
  • Players will be allowed to be registered on a Summer Team until  July 13, 2019.
  • Both teams MUST report ONLINE THE SCORE OF EACH GAME WITHIN 24 HOURS after each game.

Duration of Games:

  • ALL games shall last 90 minutes.  No overtime shall be played in case of a tie.
  • A Playoff Final, if any, shall last a regulation 90 minutes, with extra time of twice 15 minutes in its entirety and Penalty kicks if necessary.
  • In case of inclement weather that forces the stoppage of a game BEFORE THE START OF THE SECOND HALF of a game, then that GAME WILL HAVE TO BE REPLAYED (made-up) in its entirety. In this case the Referee and Assistants shall be paid a travel fee of ONLY one half of the regular fee (therefore each team pays HALF of that travel fee)
  • In case of inclement weather that forces the stoppage of a game AFTER THE START OF THE SECOND HALF of a game, then that game will be considered COMPLETED and will be reported with the score as it was at the time of Stoppage. In this case the Referee and Assistants shall be paid the full regular fee (therefore each team pays HALF of that regular game fee).


  • The top team in each division shall receive a Team Trophy.
  • High Scorers for each division will receive an Individual Trophy.

For additional information, please contact the GSSL:

By phone at (609) 587-9265


By e-mail to:


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